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Google tweaks search to push out ‘content farms’
Published on 02-25-2011 Email To Friend Print Version

Source: RawStory
Google announced Thursday that it has made a major change to its algorithm to push down the rankings of low-quality websites and “reward” high-quality content.

While not explicit, this change is Google’s long-anticipated response to the rising prevalence of content farms such as eHow and Demand Media.

Google tweaks its algorithm around 500 times a year, but most changes are so subtle that users do not notice them. This latest change, according to a Google blog post, is “a pretty big algorithmic improvement…a change that noticeably impacts 11.8% of [Google search] queries.”

For the past year, Google has been struggling to prevent low-quality, irrelevant articles from appearing prominently in search results.

Matt Cutts, Google’s Principal Engineer, has said in a recent interview that “in general, there are some content farms that I think it would be fair to call spam, in the sense that the quality is so low-quality that people complain.”

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