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The Sabotage Of Legitimate Dissent

This is but one horrific example of the tactics used by the Federal Bureau of Investigation to stifle legitimate dissent and violate the civil rights of political groups that the administration dislikes. Along with the anti-war movement, the Nixon White House targeted the civil rights movement for disruption, using on-campus informants to infiltrate and in many cases to disrupt legal protests and activism.

This coloring book, which was purported to be from the Black Panthers, had actually been rejected by them when it was brought to them by a man later revealed to have intelligence connections. Not to be troubled by the fact that the Panthers found the coloring book revolting, the FBI added even more offensive illustrations, and mass mailed it across America. It so infuriated the white population that they stopped listening to the legitimate grievances of the black people.

While it can be argued that such an action did not technically violate the right of the Black Panthers to free speech (even as it sabotaged the willingness of the people to listen), it is apparent than such a divisive act violated the right of the people, black and white, to peacefully assemble.

At the time, I asked my parents if it didn’t seem odd to have a book purported to be by blacks for black children mailed to a white household, but I was outvoted in what was a functionally democratic household. But heck, most of us still thought Oswald acted alone then as well.

I had thought the actual coloring book lost forever, relegated to a mere footnote in the Congressional inquiry into COINTELPRO, when the wonder that is the internet brought it into the light again.


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This is a replay of a hoax from the late 1960s called the “Black Panther Coloring Book.” Actually created by the FBI (and exposed during the COINTELPRO leaks), this was a book filled with highly racist drawings that was mailed into American homes (even we got one in West Covina) in order to give the US Media an easy means to demonize the growing civil rights movement that was pointing out that the Vietnam draft seemed to place most of the black kids on the front lines and most of the white kids in the rear support areas. Likewise, as the white population began to listen to the legitimate concerns of the black population, and as Martin Luther King gained popularity, young people, “The Hippies”, also started mobilizing against the war, which led to a second fraudulent book released in the early 1970s called “The Anarchist Cookbook.” Like the above “Al Qaeda” manual, the Anarchist Cookbook was filled with recipes for making bombs. The Anarchist Cookbook was created to allow the media to scare ordinary Americans that dangerous anarchists were in their midst, requiring draconian police and FBI powers. Hoaxes by the Nixon administration, including the “Peacnik” riot at Disneyland and the SLA, were used to further terrorize the American people.Here is the point that relates to the current hoax. The recipes for explosives in the Anarchist Cookbook were intentionally flawed. Key stabilizing ingredients were left out in the hopes that some idiot playing with the formulas would blow up his own house, thereby handing the media another “terrorist bomb lab” for the media to wave around.

So, along with guaranteeing you that this Al Qaeda bomb making manual is another intelligence agency fake, I can also promise you that the formulas in it are intended to trick you into killing yourself in a spectacular manner intended to allow the media to claim you are an “Al Qaeda” terrorist in our midst to justify further removal of our Constitutional Bill of Rights.

UPDATE: The source for this “Al Qaeda” bomb book is none other than MEMRI.