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Greedy Antidote David Banks Hotspoting the worse Hoods Education

David Banks Eagles Academy “In the STATE of New York over 70% of the inmates for the entire New York STATE correctional system come from 7 specific New York CITY neighborhoods alone…even within the hoods themselves there are concentrated areas and blocks that are essentially the prison pipeline. the resources need to targeted.. you can’t have a global response… and be effective. You can have record dramatic declines in crime. And you can get in front of the curve.”

Eagle Academy Foundation
The Eagle Academy Foundation empowers at-risk inner city young men to become academic achievers, engaged citizens, and responsible men by providing quality education resources and proven effective community-based initiatives to address the shortfalls in public education to effectively educate them.

Greedy Antidote Dr Jeffrey Brenner Hotspoting health care

The Camden Coalition of Healthcare Providers was created with the overarching mission to improve the health status of all Camden residents, by increasing the capacity, quality, and access of care in the city.

Unlike many service and social organizations in the city, the Coalition does not provide long-term services to patients, but rather focuses on creating solutions from the providers and health systems side of care. With this in mind, the Coalition embodies the following core principles:

The Coalition is a facilitator of discussion and strategy design among healthcare providers and services, rather than a program in itself. We seek to improve coordination among the various points of care and service that exist in the city and affect more efficient access to these resources for Camden residents.
Strategizing and plan development cannot be adequately implemented without fluid systems of communication. Efficiency of care – especially across specialties and institutions – can be easily impeded by a simple breakdown of communication. Often, this system needs to be in place before strategies are even set in place.
No single organization or health system has enough resources to solve a citywide problem. Solutions require collaboration among all stakeholders to provide the adequate support for implementation.
Initiatives need to be data-driven in order to direct the most effective strategies and to understand where to dedicate resources. Data must also be utilized to appropriately evaluate project activities.
While seed funding and demonstration projects can help determine need, the organization and the initiatives it pursues must be sustainable in order to affect and expect long-term outcomes.


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Google tweaks search to push out ‘content farms’
Published on 02-25-2011 Email To Friend Print Version

Source: RawStory
Google announced Thursday that it has made a major change to its algorithm to push down the rankings of low-quality websites and “reward” high-quality content.

While not explicit, this change is Google’s long-anticipated response to the rising prevalence of content farms such as eHow and Demand Media.

Google tweaks its algorithm around 500 times a year, but most changes are so subtle that users do not notice them. This latest change, according to a Google blog post, is “a pretty big algorithmic improvement…a change that noticeably impacts 11.8% of [Google search] queries.”

For the past year, Google has been struggling to prevent low-quality, irrelevant articles from appearing prominently in search results.

Matt Cutts, Google’s Principal Engineer, has said in a recent interview that “in general, there are some content farms that I think it would be fair to call spam, in the sense that the quality is so low-quality that people complain.”

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I cannot confirm of deny the statements made by these gentlmen.

But there are VERY interesting.

January 20, 2011 by Kristen Deadlinelive.

Blog is set up mainly as a reference for myself of news and info i don’t want to slip down the memory hole.